Gradle as test reporting tool

Is there a way to use Graddle run tests from a jar? Basically, I am using Graddle to pull a bunch of jars from Ivy, then run tests on these jars.


It should work if you extract the Jar and set ‘Test.testClassesDir’ accordingly.

Can I do this:

task runClientTest(type: Test, dependsOn: setupJars) {
     testClassesDir = file( 'dist')

Or I have to set testClassesDir somewhere else?


Check the DSL reference for the ‘Test’ task type. The ‘testClassesDir’ property has type ‘File’.

I tried

Test.testClassesDir = File('dist')

but it doesn’t work. Do you have an example showing how it work exactly?

Thanks a lot,

Your previous, updated post already shows the solution.