Gradle >= 5.x Nebula Dependency Recommender Custom Provider equivalent

The Nebula Dependency Recommender has been deprecated, since

"Much of the functionality of this project can be replicated by a new feature coming in Gradle 4.6 and the default in >= 5.0"

The Nebula Dependency Recommender Api is simple, intuitiv understandable, but also powerful to use, specially also the Custom Provider API, see

Which this API , it is simple to implement variants, which address the simple static Platform BOM scenario, see
But also a more complex scenarios like with with the same API

I am still looking for an approach or equivalent in Gradle >= 5.0. It seems to that they’re many requirements addressed from this realm, but it is all over the “places” in the builds, but difficult to centralize this resolution rules and strategies for an enterprise in one place.
Or is the way?

Any suggestions?