Gradle 4.7-rc-1 is now available for testing


(Donát Csikós) #1

Gradle 4.7 RC1 is available for testing. See release notes.

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(Fred Curts) #4

After updating from 4.6, gradlew idea no longer works correctly for our multi-project build. All .iml files are gone except for the root project.

This seems to be related to our enterprise plugin doing the following, which we have found to improve the reliability of the idea task:

allprojects {

Had to move back to 4.6.

Gradle 4.7 RC2 is now available for testing
(idlsoft) #5

Do you use composite builds?

(Fred Curts) #6

@idlsoft No I don’t. It’s clearly a regression but I found a workaround.