Gradle 4.4 released

(Bo Zhang) #1

Gradle 4.4 is out!
❯ Visual Studio 2017 support + new APIs for IDE-makers
❯ Improved incremental builds for C/C++
❯ Kotlin DSL v0.13 — settings.gradle.kts :tada:
❯ Better Play Framework 2.6/Scala 2.12 compatibility

Release Notes:

(Christian Stein) #2


the following change Rename ConfigurationInternal.triggerWhenEmptyActions to runDepende… …ncyActions made our Gradle Plugin tests fail:

After updating to the new name, everything’s back to normal.


(Eric Wendelin) #3

Thanks for the heads up @sormuras!

(Eric Wendelin) #4

(Eric Wendelin) #5