Gradle 4.10.3 released

(Sterling Greene) #1

If you’re stuck on 4.x, we’ve put out a small bug fix release today:

This backports a couple of Scala related issues to 4.10 from 5.0.


(keeganwitt) #2

Is it planned to continue making 4.x releases?

(Sterling Greene) #3

No, this was a special case that we planned to do because 5.0 took so long to come out.

No other development is planned for 4.x.

(Schalk Cronjé) #4

It is only people building Scala projects that might need to upgradle to 4.10.3?

(Sterling Greene) #5

@Schalk_Cronje All builds could benefit from the fix for, but the other fixes were for projects with Scala.