Gradle 3.4 breaks Intellij 2016.3.4 scoping for project dependencies

(Jon Schneider) #1

Hi there,

Something about Gradle 3.4 is causing IntelliJ to mark project dependencies (and all of their transitive dependencies) as provided scope.

Attached is a simple project with a 3.3 wrapper that works fine (run the main class P2 to verify). Upgrade to 3.4, re-resolve in IntelliJ, run P2, and you will see the ClassNotFoundException on P1 because P1 is in the provided scoped project dependency.

Seems like a pretty major regression for a common use case. Can we be anticipate a 3.4 patch release or an IntelliJ release fixing the issue soon? (56.3 KB)

(Jon Schneider) #2

This issue tracks the problem: