Gradle 3.1 includedBuild must have a settings.gradle file in composite build

Hello, community, I’ve tried some new features in gradle 3.1 and i’ve faced with composite build. I’m just wondering, why composite build has such limitation like project has to be with settings.gradle file? Is it temporary or not?

This is not temporary. It is required to make sure we are including the root of another build.

I recommend that every build should have a settings.gradle file to set the Otherwise the project name depends on the folder you check it out into, which can cause confusion or even problems on CI.

I have a related problem.

I have a settings.gradle file per build.
When building in Jenkins I specify this switch
-c "${workspace}/base/ci_settings.gradle"
to point to the settings file. But when executed I get this error message
Build file ‘/opt/jenkins/jobs/Base/workspace/b491304d/base’ is not a file.
Why is it resolving the path without the file name? The file does exist in the specified path.


Please open a new topic. Make sure to include a reproducible example project.