Gradle 2.6 Source compile fails on JQuery dependency


I am attempting to compile Gradle 2.6 from the source release (gradle-2.6-src) on Windows 7, during compilation it fails attempting to resolve qjuery dependencies for the performance:reportResources project.

Attached is the standard output and the debug output. Reviewing the debug it would appear that it is attempting to resolve jqeuery against instead of google, which it is what the output is reporting as the issue.

I can confirm that is not accessible but is.

Any assistance appreciated. I see one other user reported a similar issue, I can confirm that I am not in china but I am behind a proxy.


Sorry, I tried to attach output but as a new user I am not permitted. Let me know the best way to share the information with you.

Quick update: Bypassing the company proxy and accessing the network directly appears to have resolved this oddity.

Still doesnt explain the fact it fails when the files are available inside the proxy but at least I have managed to work around it.