Gradle 2.3, Tooling API - class loading error for build action

Looking at Gradle’s source code, I believe that this is a bug in Gradle: That is, the particular line in ClassPathUtil returns a “jar” URI, not a “file”.

Thanks for reporting this. We’ll take a look.

I’ve created to track this issue.

The issue has to do with how the netbeans custom classloader (JarClassLoader) produces classes with CodeSource objects returning the full resource url. There were some changes to how we look up classpaths in 2.3 that don’t account for this case.

I was able to reproduce the issue loading a 2.3 project in netbeans. I’ve pushed a fix and verified that loading a project using the latest distribution seems to work. The fix will be in tonight’s nightly distribution. If you could give it a try sometime after tomorrow and confirm, that would be greatly appreciated.

Instructions for configuring a wrapper with the latest nightly can be found here.

Will do that. Thank you.

Version “2.4-20150218230021+0000” works for me. Thank you.

Having this backported from 2.4 to an hypothetic 2.3.1 would be nice as for now 2.3 will never work with Netbeans.

We are still trying to work out what to do here. We may do a 2.3.1, or bring 2.4 forward, or something else. Answers should be forthcoming in a week or so.

Cool. Thanks for the heads up Luke!