Gradle 1.9 command line args getting passed to exec on Windows

I’m having a strange unexpected issue that is difficult to research for because of the command line context. Basically I’m testing a gradle script on Windows that has been working on Linux. The output suggests, and I have verified, that the args to gradle are getting passed to this exec call within the script, and they should not be.

Here’s the output:

Starting process ‘command ‘F:\jenkins\workspace\OEM_Gradle_Test\build/emsdk/bin/empdk.bat’’. Working directory:

F:\jenkins\workspace\OEM_Gradle_Test Command: F:\jenkins\workspace\OEM_Gradle_Test\build/emsdk/bin/empdk.bat create_plugin -stage_dir F:\jenkins\workspace\OEM_Gradle_Test\build\opar -out_dir F:\jenkins\workspace\OEM_Gradle_Test\build -tmp_dir F:\jenkins\workspace\OEM_Gradle_Test\build\tmp\createPlugin

Successfully started process ‘command ‘F:\jenkins\workspace\OEM_Gradle_Test\build/emsdk/bin/empdk.bat’’

Error :unknown parameter: --info

There’s no --info parameter passed in this gradle script:

exec {
                                                                                                                                                                 commandLine "${emSdk.dir}/bin/${empdkBin}", 'create_plugin', '-stage_dir', fixPath("${stageDir2}"), '-out_dir', fixPath("${buildDir}"), '-tmp_dir', fixPath("${temporaryDir}")

The --info parameter actually comes from the gradle commandline itself. I verified this by removing --info from the gradle command and then the build fails with “Error :unknown parameter: build” which is the name of the build target.

For context, this build is started by the Jenkins Gradle plugin.

What exactly does the method fixPath do? Looking at the output it seems as if a path contains slashes as well as backslashes. Is there a reason for it?

Just as a precaution for external tools. The forward slashes that are there are in the command itself, which I presume is handled by a Java ProcessBuilder used by Gradle.

def fixPath§ {

if (Os.isFamily(Os.FAMILY_WINDOWS)) {

return p.replace(’/’, ‘\\’)

} else {

return p

} }

Should it say p.replace(’//’, ‘\’) ?

Could you also try to run the task with -s to see if there’s more information provided by the stack trace?

I don’t think there is a useful stacktrace since the error is in a child process. Let me try to change the command to echo instead.

It turns out to be inheriting the environment variable CMD_LINE_ARGS from somewhere in the process hierarchy (I think gradlew.bat). Clearing it with environment CMD_LINE_ARGS: “” fixed the issue.