Gradle 1.12: sourceCompatibility not handled correctly in IDEA project generation for multi-project builds

I have a multi-project build with 2 projects, each with a different sourceCompatibility setting (one is 1.8, the other is 1.6). When I generate an IDEA project from this build, it does not set up the correct IDEA settings. In particular what happens is:

  1. A Project SDK of 1.6 is selected

  2. A Project language level of 6.0 is selected. 3. Each module is set with a language level of “use project language level”.

I would instead expect:

  1. A Project SDK of 1.8 to be selected (since that is the higher of the two). This allows the 1.8 code to compile and of course a 1.8 JDK can also compile 1.6 code. 2. A Project language level of 8.0 is selected. I expect this because my “root” project is the 1.8 project. 3. The language level of the 1.8 project should be set to either 8.0 or “use project language level”. I don’t have strong feeling about this. The language level of the 1.6 project should be set to 6.0.

I haven’t had a chance to look at this yet but it sounds like something what should be fixed. Do you know if IntelliJ import of Gradle projects handles this correctly? They may do some extra step to tune the setup of imported project/modules.

It would be great to have a contribution for this improvement as this would make it faster to see a release where this is fixed.