Gradle-1-11 eclipse plugin not generating the project dependencies correctly

When I updated to gradle1.11; see that the project dependencies being generated is different, and I think this causes eclipsePlugin to generate the .classpath.

This works fine in gradle-1-10

Here’s the difference between the 2 versions. gradle-1-10 gradle-1-11 and above

As you can see, there is a wrong dependency being generated.

±-- project :src:common:common -> project :src:modules:discovery:container:common (*)

Because of this is the classpathentry thats being generated by eclipse-plugin

<classpathentry kind="src" path="/discovery-container-common" exported="true"/>

(Which is wrong, as it is making it think as if its dependent on the same project)

Not sure whether the “common” project name is creating this issue… (this worked fine with gradle1.10 though)

I am not aware of any change between 1.10 and 1.11 that would cause this (yet). Can you attach ‘build.gradle’ files where we can see what going on (simplified test case would be best). From your outputs I am wondering why there seems to be circular dependency

‘’’ :src:modules:discovery:container:common ->

project :src:common:container:messaging ->

project :src:common:common ->

project :src:modules:discovery:container:common ‘’’ where previously artifacts like com.canopi.cis:messaging:1406 were used.

Not sure what I am doing wrong… But here are the current files… Which works without any issues in gradle1-10.

Build works fine, just that when I use the eclipse plugin, projects doesnt show up in the list (because the .classpath is generated wrongly).

common:common -> messaging/build.gradle -> discovery-container-common -> discovery-web/build.gradle ->

Another observation I see is that when I commented out compile project(":src:common:common") it worked. still trying to find whether there is a cyclic dependency. (couldnt find anything till now)

I checked in a scenario, where I was able to reproduce this issue…

This example pretty much mimics the issue I am having, when I use gradle-1.11

Please checkout this link.

Admittedly there is a bug where two projects with the same name and group confuses dependency resolution. Before this gets fixed you can modify your setup to use different group or name for these projects to avoid the problem.