Gradle 1.10-rc-1 is now available for testing

The Gradle team is pleased to announce that the release candidate for Gradle 1.10 is now available.

Download links and release notes can be found as always at

Please try Gradle 1.10-rc-1 with your projects and let us know your experiences.

Very Nice :slight_smile:

I love the new progress report.

The “–tests” feature doesn’t seem to work when used from the Tooling API (works perfectly from the command line). Do I need a different syntax for it?

The progress report is a nice idea, but it could be enhanced. It seems that the percentages are only computed based on the number of executed tasks / the total number of tasks to execute.

But this leads to percentages that don’t really reflect the reality of the build time. For example, I have a build with a decent set of slow integration tests, and those integration tests represent, by far, the largest part of the time spent in the build. But those tests seem to represent the same percentage as the processResources task, which is almost instantaneous.

It would be really cool if gradle, as jenkins does it already, recorded the last time spent on every task, and tried to predict a more accurate percentage for each task based on previous build times.

Would you mind posting the code you are using in a new question?

This is in the Gradle plugin of NetBeans, so it won’t just simply call this. In short, what it does is just configures the result of ProjectConnection.newBuild() and executes it.

However, you can run tasks with any argument in NetBeans which will use the Tooling API, so you should be able to reproduce it (by default the wrapper is used but you can specify “?VER=1.10-rc-1” in the project properties for the location of Gradle"). So, without writing a code, the easiest way to reproduce is to run the task in NetBean. To me Gradle returns with a no such command line option exception.

I have tried various ways to pass this. For example, “withArguments” with two separate arguments: “–tests” and test test method name or “–tests mypackage.testMethod” in a single argument.

Sorry, I missed that you asked for a new post. Temporary brain damage :slight_smile: Here is the new post:

I tried it out on a couple of my builds, including one that had originally failed with 1.9-rc1 or rc2 and they all worked well.

The progress bar is indeed a nice improvement, though I second jnizet’s post that it could be improved further if it reflected actual percent of build time vs # of tasks complete.