Gradle 1.10 appears to cache generated Ivy Dependency XML

Gradle 1.10 does not update cached generated Ivy Dependency XML, even after --refresh dependencies -------------------

Gradle 1.10 appears to cache generated Ivy Dependency XML in ~/.gradle/caches/modules-2/metadata-2.1/descriptors////ivy.xml - for given maven dependency

I happened to have a wrong version specified in dependencies { … compile… } block for the give artefact.

  • Even after correcting and running the compile task, it kept failing saying that the dependency could not be resolved - running with --refresh dependencies worked fine - then if you run WITH OUT --refresh dependencies, same issue came up - after some digging around, realised that gradle creates ivy.xml for maven dependencies and that it is not regenerated upon change to dependencies - more over --refresh dependencies seems to ignore or not update the required ivy.xml

Rather a frustrating bug. I almost lost faith in Gradle due to this. IMHO, the caching aspects of Gradle are a bit over-engineered! Good stuff though - hard nut, but great

Are you saying that you only have this problem with 1.10? Can you provide a minimal self-contained reproducible example?

Thanks. I will try to isolate this problem and send the files. It may take a day or two I did not try other later versions.

Hello Venkatakrishna,

thanks for reporting this. I think I can reproduce the problem and raised GRADLE-3017 for this.

cheers, René

Hi Venkatakrishna, seems this was fixed on master already. I’ve added an explicit testcase for the problem to . can you retry your build with the the 1.11 release candidate ( and confirm the fix?

cheers, René

Hello Rene, Thanks. Will give 1.11 a shot soon, once I have take care of some build processes in the project