Githug gradle action - build scan not published

I am using the official gradle build action ie (egeria-connector-jdbc/verify.yml at main · odpi/egeria-connector-jdbc · GitHub)

  - name: Build (Publish snapshots to maven central)
    if: ${{ github.ref == 'refs/heads/main'}}
    # TODO: Need to extend build to make use of snapshot repo for publishing
    uses: gradle/gradle-build-action@v2
      arguments: |

With this step, when reviewing the output of the action (odpi/egeria#7000 use official gradle build action · odpi/egeria-connector-jdbc@b48a318 · GitHub) I see the Gradle Builds SUmmary:

But the ‘scan’ is saying ‘not published’

What did I miss?

The only thing I’m considering is the TOS acceptance - ie when I run at cli:

➜ egeria-connector-jdbc git:(setup3) ./gradlew build --scan

15 actionable tasks: 2 executed, 13 up-to-date

Publishing a build scan to requires accepting the Gradle Terms of Service defined at Gradle Terms of Use | Gradle Enterprise. Do you accept these terms? [yes, no] yes

Gradle Terms of Service accepted.

Publishing build scan…

Ok I think I found the answer

Executing Gradle builds on GitHub Actions explains adding the license acceptance.

The confusion was due to the docs for GitHub - gradle/gradle-build-action: Execute a Gradle Build in your Github Actions workflow not having a reference to this requirement (that I could see!)