GIT / Gradle integration

Is there is an easy, integral way to in Gradle’s lifecycle get code from GIT before builds etc. start? I do not want to assume the code already exists. One should able to be get code from a specific branch, tag, or commit ID.

Take some plugin like github.c0m/palominolabs/gradle-git-clone-task and make build task depend on that?

How is that a value add to the question?

The Gradle core is actually relatively small. Most of the functionality that is more visible is implemented with plugins, some of which are bundled with the Gradle distribution, and some are available as independent packages, often available on the “Gradle Plugins” portal ( The responder provided a link (although you’d have to change “c0m” to “com”) to a plugin that apparently provides the functionality you’re looking for. You can also search for “git” in the plugins portal, but that returns several dozen candidates. The Gradle core doesn’t provide a plugin for this (I believe).

Thank you, David :slight_smile: