Getting "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:" while running testNG tests

We’ve been using Gradle 1.0-milestone-8a for quite a while to build our code and execute our testNG test suite. Today I modified some existing code that is exercised by the tests and now I’m getting a ClassNotFoundException when building from Gradle (but it works just fine running TestNG directly from Eclipse).

The stack trace is at

The dependencies block of my subproject’s build.gradle file is at “JSR311API” contains the RuntimeDelegateImpl class that doesn’t seem to be available when running the tests. All the dependencies are defined in the top-level build file and they seem to be 100% correct.

If there’s any other information I can provide for troubleshooting please let me know!

The jsr311-api Jar doesn’t seem to contain a ‘RuntimeDelegateImpl’ class, only a ‘RuntimeDelegate’ interface. So your tests are probably missing a dependency.

Oh wow that’s embarrassing. I really need to pay closer attention. Thanks Peter!