Getting error while building gradle springboot application

Hi ,

I am getting below error when I am trying to build gradle application.

Could not set unknown property ‘archiveName’ for task ‘:testApp:bootJar’ of type org.springframework.boot.gradle.tasks.bundling.BootJar.

Can anyone please help me out.

I am using gradle version 8.5. Java version 17 and springboot version 3.0.0

Thanks in advance

What is unclear with the error?

I am not able to build or run the application when I am trying build the application it is giving me above error

Yeah, but what do you not understand?
The error message is quite clear imho.

Yeah actually I am not able to resolve the issue…If you have solution can you please help me with it?

It tells you you try to set the archiveName property of the bootJar task which does not exist.
So solution is simple, do not try to set a property that does not exist (since Gradle 8.0).

Thank you so much for your solution…It worked

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