Get up-to-date status of a task in java

Hey there,

I’m using the Gradle tooling API (org.gradle.tooling) in java and I’m trying to get the up-to-date status of the tasks of a build.
I know there’s a org.gradle.api.tasks which can provide this information, however I would like to know if there’s any way to do this in the tooling API as well since I’m already using it.
If not, can anyone provide me with a link to get the org.gradle.api.tasks, since I can’t find it anywhere online?


Since no one could give me an answer, I finally figured it out by myself.
In case anyone else needs this, here’s my solution, just add this Listener to your BuildLauncher:

    class Listener implements ProgressListener{
	String task;
	String current;
	public void statusChanged(ProgressEvent event) {
		if(event instanceof TaskProgressEvent) {
			if(event instanceof TaskFinishEvent) {
				System.out.print("Name: " + event.getDescriptor().toString().replace("Task :", ""));
				TaskFinishEvent taskFinishEvent = (TaskFinishEvent) event;
				TaskOperationResult result = taskFinishEvent.getResult();
				if(result instanceof TaskSuccessResult) {
					System.out.println("  up-tp-date :" + ((TaskSuccessResult)result).isUpToDate());