Get JavaCompile task to compile kotlin sources

I am working on a gradle plugin that defines a custom task that is of type JavaCompile so far I have this setup

private fun Project.runConfiguration(variants: DomainObjectSet<out BaseVariant>) {
        variants.all { variant ->
            val outputDir = buildDir.resolve("generated/source/plugin/${}/")
            val classPath = variant.getCompileClasspath(null)
            val once = AtomicBoolean()
            addSourceSets(sourcePath = outputDir.path)

            variant.outputs.all {
                if (once.compareAndSet(false, true)) {
                    ) { compiler ->
                        with(compiler.options) {
                            isFork = true
                            isIncremental = true
                        with(compiler) {
                            group = TASK_GROUP
                            destinationDir = outputDir
                            classpath = classPath
                            options.annotationProcessorPath = classPath
                            source = files(projectDir.resolve("src/main/java")).asFileTree

When I run this task it completes with an error no sources or classes found. According to my investigation this is happening because there were no .java file within the source path I have pointed the task to.
My original idea is to make this plugin support kotlin and not java sources and to only work as an android-plugin and not for kotlin projects.

When it comes to android it’s tricky to get the task that compiles the kotlin source files (.kt) into a .java files cuz android creates a separate task named compile${}Kotlin to compile .kt files into .java files.

I followed my instinct and pointed my task to the source path to the compiled .java files but it doesn’t seem to work, same error no sources or classes found.

Should I make my task run last at all? How is that possible?

Also maybe I am tackling this issue from a wrong perspective so please feel free to suggest other ways towards achievement.

Thanks in advance.