Get Git URLs of all source dependencies

I’m trying to get a list of all Git URLs used for source dependencies. Some context follows.

I created a minimal working example:

// file: build.gradle

plugins {
    id "com.verificationgentleman.gradle.hdvl.systemverilog" version "0.2.1"

dependencies {
// file: settings.gradle

sourceControl {
    gitRepository("") {

If I execute the dependencies task, I see a nice listing showing me that the main project is depending on a :prog_assert project:

compile (n)
\--- com.verificationgentleman:prog_assert:v1.2.2 (n)

\--- com.verificationgentleman:prog_assert:v1.2.2 -> project :prog_assert

\--- com.verificationgentleman:prog_assert:v1.2.2 -> project :prog_assert

What I’d like to be able to do is to create a task in the main project which can dump out the Git URL associated with prog_assert and its version. The version I can probably easily get, but I’m stumped on the URL part.

Gradle creates this project by itself from the source dependency. For lack of a better idea, I thought of looking in this project’s directory (which is a Git repo), but I can’t interact with it at all programmatically. I doesn’t follow the normal rules of included builds, i.e. it’s not available in Gradle::getIncludedBuilds.