Generics and abstract methods not properly supported in sofware model


I’m using the model model api. It works well in general, but I have two issues:

  1. I have two abstract classes A and B. Both marked with @Managed. B extends A. And both implement some @Unmanaged method:

    public abstract class A{

     public abstract Document toXml() ;


    public abstract class B extends A{

     public Document toXml() {
     	// do something


This way it is not working. I need to implement toXml in A as well (for example just return null). Otherwise a stackoverflow happens.

  1. Generics are not working:

    public interface DataSourceModel {
    public ModelMap getBeans();

Instead I have to use ModelMap as return type of the getBeans method.

My environment:
Gradle Version: 2.13
Operating System: Win10

Regards Remo

I don’t think what you are trying to do is supported. From the @Managed javadoc:

Abstract classes

A managed type can be implemented as an abstract class. All property getters and setters must be declared abstract (with the exception of calculated read-only properties). The class cannot contain instance variables, constructors, or any methods that are not a getter or setter.

The key part being that all methods must be getters or setters. @Unmanaged is intended to be used with property getters.


yes, I believe so as well. But it would be helpful if those two would be supported.

OK, I misunderstood your question. I thought you wanted help making that work with the current implementation, not that you were making feature suggestions.