Generating DSL documentation

I have built a set of plugins that do assorted setup & behaviour for a platform made up of a number of projects. This covers build conventions as well as release (to binary repository) and deployment (of applications) through a continuous deployment cycle including subjecting project to n levels of testing.

One design aim was to allow developers to create a project with minimal build configuration yet still let them override/extend where necessary. My setup achieves this however I seem to have to manually write docs to describe it on our wiki because the bolting together of the domain (DSL) objects is done at runtime dynamically though the extension mechanism. I’d much prefer to be able to generate/publish a dsl doc during the build. Is this possible and I just don’t know how? If it is not, is it planned?

Cheers Matt

Hi Matt,

Some people have essentially copied the code out of the Gradle codebase to do this. There’s no other way to do it right now.

It is absolutely something we plan to do as part of our work to make life easier for plugin developers. I can’t give you a commitment on when, but we are keenly aware of the need for this.