Generated facet file for Eclipse Java project contains unexpected entry


I’m trying to generate a facet file for an Eclipse Java project using Gradle distribution 2.7. The facet definition I’ve added is:

eclipse.wtp.facet { facet name: '', version: '1.7' facet name: 'Java', version: '1.7' }

The generated facet file contains two entries for the “” facet, as well as a “jst.utility” entry

<faceted-project> <fixed facet=""/> <installed facet="jst.utility" version="1.0"/> <installed facet="" version="1.8"/> <installed facet="" version="1.7"/> <installed facet="Java" version="1.7"/> </faceted-project>

I found an older post from a user who was running an older distribution of Gradle, and the suggestions was to try using distribution 2.3.

Any suggestions on how to get Gradle to generate just the facets I’m looking for?