Generate initial project setup from customized templates


Gradle offers build init plugin, which generates a project setup for certain types, however it seems like the choices available is quite limited to a few templates and it particular it is not possible to provide additional project templates

What I would like to suggest is to get the possibility to provide additional templates easily, which then can be used to lay out a project structure.

My idea was that the template is essentially a zip file, which contains the files and directory structure of how the project should be laid out.

It should be possible to add placeholders for a file, which is then expanded.
The template generator should also be flexible enough to provide a mechanism to name files in relation to some settings.

In addition maybe it would also be an idea to be able to get the template files from a remote location i.e. some repository.

It seems like there has been discussion previously but it seems like that worked stopped for some unknown reason. (

I am unsure if I should try to kickstart that project again or it would be more appropriate to start all over.

Anybody have any thought about the idea and whether I should kickstart the old build-init project or start all over or somebody who can pinpoint to another place where this has already been started.

Thanks in advance

See for feature request. It is not implemented yet.
But there is a suggestion to use Lazybones instead