Gathering the dependency of a configuration when it's a project

(Abishek) #1

If I want to copy the dependencies of a configuration, I can do it with a Copy task as below,

configurations {
dependencies {
    copyConfiguration 'junit:junit:4.12'
task copyDeps(type: Copy) {
    into "$buildDir"
    from configurations.copyConfiguration

This works fine as long as the dependency is a Extenal Module Dependency. But if it’s a project dependency like below (assuming the required project exists),

dependencies {
    copyConfiguration project(path: ':SubprojectB')

This gives the following output and nothing is copied.

:SubProjectA:copyDeps NO-SOURCE

I am using Gradle version 3.5
Is there any way to get the output of the default configuration of SubProjectB to get copied?

(Chris Doré) #2

Is SubprojectB using the java plugin?

(Abishek) #3

Hi Chris,
It’s using android plugin ‘’ in my case. But does that make a difference?

Thanks for replying.