Follow up: How to add a native prebuilt library with multiple binary files?

(Lars Benner) #1

I’d like to follow up on this discussion:

Old Forum: How to add …

Was this fixed in Gradle 3.0?


  • Lars

(Paul Merlin) #2

Hi Lars,

It has not evolved yet, the answer provided by Daz on your original question is still the way to go.

(Lars Benner) #3

Hi Paul,

Daz mentioned in his post “That’s something we’re planning to address pretty soon”, which was actually the reason for me to follow up after 1.5 years. Do you know you know, when this will be addressed?

(Paul Merlin) #4

It’s not planned AFAIK. If you’re in position to do so, please consider contributing it.

(Lars Benner) #5

I am considering to implement this feature, but since I am a) more a C++ guy and b) new to the gradle source code, I am wondering, with whom I can discuss details of the necessary changes?

(Paul Merlin) #6

Please shoot an email to the gradle-dev list.
The first step would be to describe the feature with example DSL and expected behavior.
To get you started, here is the existing design-doc for the existing prebuilt library support.