Flushing standard output when calling cucumber-jvm?

Hello, we have a Gradle project that makes use of cucumber-jvm. It seems that standard output/standard error aren’t flushed as each part of a scenario is run. Instead, these are apparently flushed when a scenario is done. Some of the scenarios we have can take several minutes, so no feedback for minutes is less than ideal.

I found (somewhat older) discussions about differences between the way cucumber and the way Gradle interpret what is a “test” when using test runner. We use the JavaExec method of launching cucumber.api.cli.Main, but I’m now wondering if there is a newer best practice that has emerged (For instance, I see this: https://github.com/cucumber/cucumber-jvm/tree/master/examples/java-gradle) that may have emerged that may resolve this issue we are having.

If anyone out there is using Gradle + Cucumber JVM and has some tips, I’d sure appreciate it.