First Plugin Pains

Writing my first plugin. Questions:

What is the relevance of the properties file name? What does it map to exactly?

Same question regarding the contents:

As far as I understand it, ‘funckychicken’[.properties] is the name of your plugin, that’s used in the build script apply statement, apply plugin: ‘funkychicken’ is the class implementing the Plugin interface

I’d recommend reading the user guide on this topic.

The user guide isn’t very good for people who don’t already know Groovy.
Ironically, Gradle is often the reason people learn Groovy.

I don’t necessarily want to market my book “Gradle in Action” here but it contains an introduction chapter on Groovy as well.

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I already have it on Kindle. Haven’t opened it in a while though. Will have a look.

This caveat caught me at first as well. I agree it’s in the User Guide, which I read, but it took many, many forum and blog reads before I finally connected all the dots.