Findbugs exclude files

I am having trouble excluding certain types of files when using findbugs.

// FindBugs
apply plugin: 'findbugs'
findbugs {
    toolVersion = "3.0.1"
    sourceSets = [sourceSets.main]
    ignoreFailures = true
    reportsDir = file("$project.buildDir/findbugsReports")
    effort = "max"
    reportLevel = "high"
    excludeFilter = file("$rootDir/gradle/config/findbugs/exclude.xml")
    ignoreFailures = true


        <Source name="**/*.scala" />
        <Source name="**/*.xml" />
        <Source name="**/*.zip" />
        <Source name="**/*.list" />
        <Source name="**/*.ftl" />
        <Source name="**/*.ts" />
        <Source name="**/*.proto"/>
        <Source name="**/*.txt"/>
    <!-- (i.e., classes ending in 'Test' or 'Tests', and inner classes of same) -->
    <!-- excluding source should suffice but it doesn't work-->

        <Class name="~.*\.*Tests?(\$.*)?" />
        <Class name="~.*\.list" />
        <Class name="~.*\.Manifest\$.*"/>
        <Class name="~.*\.ftl\$.*"/>
        <Class name="~.*\.ts\$.*"/>
        <Class name="~.*\.*list.*"/>
        <Class name="~.*\.zip\$.*"/>
        <Class name="~.*\.xml\$.*"/>
        <Class name="~.*\.properties"/>

I get errors: Wrong magic bytes of 2320416c for zip file

What is the correct way to exclude files ending with blah?

This is likely happening due to the fact that you have other file types under build/classes/main than Java class files. Currently this message is bubbling up to the console as described in this post. You can work around the issue with the following code:

tasks.withType(FindBugs) {
    // file types you want to exclude e.g.
    exclude '**/*.conf'
    exclude '**/*.properties'
    exclude '**/*.properties'