FileResolver doesn't work

I am stumped on a very basic problem: My sourceSets isn’t being populated because FileResolver isn’t returning what I think it should. I copied AntlrSourceVirtualDirectoryImpl and replaced “.g” with “.xml”:

mpfw = new DefaultSourceDirectorySet(displayName, fileResolver);

Here, fileResolver was created with a

srcDir = "src/main/mpfw"

so that

fileResolver.resolve(srcDir).toString() = "C:\Users\mmaxey\Documents\mpfw\testProjects\src\main\mpfw"

I expected mpfw.getFiles() to return me


but it came back empty.

In the plugin, the “main” sourceSet returns the file correctly. However, if I change the filter above to be


instead of


it still returns the file (even though it shouldn’t).

I must be doing something simply horribly wrong, but what could it be?

Did you forgot to set any srcDir on the SourceDirectorySet by any chance?

The srcDir referenced above is what I printed out as having been set.

You mentioned that fileResolver is created with the printed srcDir, but I was asking about the DefaultSourceDirectorySet’s srcDir property - are you setting that one somewhere?