Feature request to dependency locking


I noticed you have added support for dependency locking, and as I can understand you imagine it to be used for debugging purposes to fix a state. We have introduced a similar concept, however our purpose it to mainly fix version to a release version i.e. when we develop we use latest.integration and when we release we fix the versions that has the label to latest.release.

In order to make it work for us we have introduced a script which is applied in each build script and causes us to maintain this script as well

We would like to take advantage of any built in functionality whenever it is possible.

So I would like to ask if it would be possible to extend the functionality of the locking version to be able to lock to a latest.release as well or would that defeat the purpose?

I imagine that one could introduce a new command line option which specified the label, which should be applied e.g. --lock-version-to latest.release or alternative --lock-version to release

Thanks in advance