Failed to resolve snapshot

Hello, there,

I am building an Android app in Android studio and I am using a third party module in my app. The instruction says the only thing I need to do is to add the 2 lines below to build.gradle file in dependencies, which I did.

implementation “de.tomgrill.gdxdialogs:gdx-dialogs-android:1.2.5”
implementation “de.tomgrill.gdxdialogs:gdx-dialogs-core:1.2.5”

And the instruction also says “Snapshot versions are no longer provided”. Now when I build the project, I got the error says: “Failed to resolve: de.tomgrill.gdxdialogs:gdx-dialogs-core:1.2.5-SNAPSHOT”. And in the log console, it shows that it was trying to Download, which is not there, because no snapshot exists. So what should I do here to get it work?

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Update: I checked the pom on the repository, turns out the author used snapshot as a dependency while there was no snapshot at all. So it’s caused by the typo of the author. Please ignore this question