Extraneous output prefix is seen on every line when output from gradlew on Unix is redirected to file

When redirecting output from “gradlew” (gradle wrapper) running on Unix into a file, I’m seeing every line in the output prepended with the gradle’s phase label and the task name, such as:

Building > :testOutput: > Building > :testOutput: > Building > :testOutput:

When I run gradlew without redirecting output to a file, I do not see such prepending lines on the console.

And when I run “gradlew” on Windows and redirect to a file, I do not see these prepending strings either.

I’m running on gradle-1.0-milestone-6 version.

Any suggestions on how I can make such extraneous output go away in Unix environment?

Thanks! Dmitriy.

Hmmm, I cannot reproduce it. Would you provide a sample build.gradle that can reproduce the problem?

Sure, here are the contents of my build.gradle file:

task testOutput {

doLast {

println ‘’

println ‘Hello World!’

} }

If I execute this task above without redirecting output to a file (gradlew testOutput), then the output on the console looks fine:


Hello World!


Total time: 1.622 secs

However, if I redirect output to a file (by executing gradlew testOutput > out.txt), then contents of the out.txt look as follows:

Loading > Resolving dependencies ‘classpath’ > Resolving dependencies ‘classpath’ > Resolving dependencies ‘:classpath’> Building > :testOutput:testOutput > Building > :testOutput > Building > :testOutputHello World > Building > :testOutput > BuildingBUILD SUCCESSFUL > Building > Building > BuildingTotal time: 1.633 secs

As you can see, there are these errouneous “> Building > :testOutput” prepending strings that show up when output is redirected to a file. Is there a way to redirect to a file such that the output will have the same clean look as it looked on the console?

I’m running these use cases on Unix.

Thanks, Dmitriy.

Do you have some more details about your environment: which type of Unix, which JVM you are using, which shell you are using, etc?

Sure, here’s the environment info:

And I’m using the Gradle Wrapper (gradlew).

------------------------------------------------------------ Gradle 1.0-milestone-6 ------------------------------------------------------------

Gradle build time: Thursday, November 17, 2011 5:54:12 AM UTC Groovy: 1.8.4 Ant: Apache Ant™ version 1.8.2 compiled on December 20 2010 Ivy: 2.2.0 JVM: 1.6.0_26 (Sun Microsystems Inc. 20.1-b02) OS: SunOS 5.10 amd64

Same behavior is observed in both bash and korh shells.

This should be fixed now. Can you try a recent nightly build?

Great, I tried it with 1.0-milestone-9-20120227005038+0100 build, and it worked!

Thank you so much!