Extending CompareGradleBuilds tasks to Compare Task Artifacts?

Can the CompareGradleBuilds tasks be extended to support direct artifacts from the same build? For example, in my setup I build the same jar using a legacy ant task and then again with the gradle java plugin. I would like to setup a task to compare the two results. Does CompareGraduleBuild allow for this functionality?

Not yet. The CompareGradleBuild tasks are a little limited at this stage, and they aren’t on our high priority list for more work. If you want more features, I’m afraid you’ll have to implement them yourself :).

I appreciate the response. I actually tried to hook into the cod with a custom task, but just couldn’t seem to buid up all of the required gradle structures to get things moving. At this stage I’d probalby need to get a debug environment so I can figure out why it wouldn’t reconize my object correctly.

I then found a 3rd party ant task called zipdiff. I got this running, but it wasn’t giving me the result I wanted, plus would not change the build outcome.

Now I’m back to square one writing a custom gradle task that directly manipulates the artifact files. I’ll post more when I get something working. This is actually a pretty trival task using exec commands on a linux shell, but I really want this to be cross platform.