Executing cucumber tests in parallel with gradle in Jenkins

I’m trying to reduce the build time in Jenkins for my company. Currently, the build stage takes around 50 mins to complete, these including compiling classes, unit tests and in-memory cucumber tests. The compiling classes and the unit tests take 15 mins which I think is fine and don’t need to be reduced however the in-memory tests take around 40 mins and take most of the time during the build stage. I have been trying to find a way to run these feature files in parallel against compiling classes and unit tests, but I haven’t found any solution without recommending any plugins. Most of the suggestions online tell you to set maxParallelForks inside the test task, but this doesn’t apply to me as the test task only runs the unit tests. So back to my main question, is there any possible way to execute cucumber tests in parallel with Gradle using Groovy in Jenkins?