Execute task "type:Exec" with many arguments with spaces

I have the task that should create Websphere profile on Windows OS

task createProfile(type:Exec) {
 def commandToExecute = new StringBuffer()
 def profile = 'AppSrv02'
 def wasHome = 'C:/IBM new/WebSphere/AppServer'
   def str = new LinkedList <String> ();
 str.add(wasHome + '/bin/manageprofiles.bat')
// str.add('-templatePath')
// str.add(wasHome + '/profileTemplates/default')
    println (str)
 commandLine str.toArray()

And the problem appears if I uncomment commented lines, after it task fails and say me that: “C:/IBM” is not valid batch file. If I put profileTemplates not in the folder that contains spaces, everything works fine again. But templates should lies int wasHome( And sometimes wasHome has spaces(

I have, now ideas why adding templates key with value with spaces influence in such way that Gradle tries to start “C:/IBM” instead specified ‘C:/IBM new/WebSphere/AppServer/bin/manageprofiles.bat’. It seems that, possibly, problem inside java.lang.ProcessBuilder.

I tries to quote paths, by adding


but nothing works(((( what isn’t surprise, because ProcessBuilder implies quoting by itself if it is needed.

So, I am asking if anybody had the similar problem and could recommend how to work around this issue? Thanks in advance.