evaluationDependsOnChildren and publishing

so i have a complex plugin system that needs to have evaluationDependsOnChildren() called so that all the subproject build.gradle files are evaluated before the root. This is done because all our apps are inventoried and if the app isn’t in the inventory, its not allowed to compile. the search keys for the inventory are in the build files. So the only way to make sure that all the keys are collected, is for the root to be evaluated last.

so, with evaluationDependsOnChildren() in the root, the inventory system works perfectly.

Then comes publishing.

There are two levels to my publishing system (artifactory) files that i manually add to the publishing configuration, and then the task (primarily jar) artifacts themselves. When i include evaluationDependsOnChildren(), only the files that are manually added to the publishing configuration are published, none of the artifacts are.

any idea why this is happening and how to fix it?