Error running gradle from gradle - can't find launcher.GradleMain

hi, i am trying to run gradle from groovy code called from a task, so i am doing a: ‘gradle.bat’.execute(null, new File(myPath)).

this starts gradle.bat on windows.

but dirname in the batch file gets set to myPath (which is where the project that i want to build lives). so app home is bad and so is classpath which causes the error.

the line: set DIRNAME=%~dp0 in the batch file evaluates to myPath when run from groovy! the %~dp0 evaluates to the drive and path of %0 which should be where the batch file lives.

if i run gradle.bat from the command line in myPath, the %~dp0 evaluates to where the gradle.bat file lives.

if i try to just exec gradle, he say he can’t find gradle.

if i try to exec cmd gradle, he hangs forever. adding a wait for or kill 5000 stops with no output from the exec’ed process using:

def proc = ‘cmd gradle --debug’.execute(null, new File(’…/a1’))

def b = new StringBuffer()

println ‘consuming’


println ‘wait or kill’


println proc.text

println b.toString()

Wrong approach. You want to look at the GradleLauncher API documentation instead.

doc says this is deprecated and recommends using connector.

but the following says:

Could not find method compile() for arguments [org.gradle.api.internal.artifac ts.dependencies.DefaultSelfResolvingDependency_Decorated@433edba9] on root proje ct ‘a’.

import org.gradle.tooling.* dependencies { compile gradleApi() } task(t) << {

ProjectConnection connection = GradleConnector.newConnector()

.forProjectDirectory(new File(’…/a1’))


try {


} finally {


} }

You need to apply the ‘java’ plugin to get a ‘compile’ configuration.

of course, sorry about that. it works like a charm!

using connector solves the problem.