Error reported when executing. gradlow clean in the source code of gradle 7.4.1

hello all,
What is the reason for this?

It fails because it cannot download the URL it prints, because there is a “Connection reset”.
You can try running with --stacktrace or --info to get more info, but I don’t think you will get much more out of it.
I’d guess some firewall or proxy or virus scanner is blocking that download.

Hello, first of all, thank you for your reply
I really don’t understand why \What needs to be downloaded for gradle.bat clean Can’t download, but I can easily download this link in my browser

Hello, how can I modify this? The error occurred in \gradlew.bat clean

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

* Where:
Settings file 'C:\CYYM\APP\GoogleDownLoad\gradle-7.4.1\settings.gradle.kts' line: 21

* What went wrong:
Error resolving plugin [id: 'com.gradle.enterprise', version: '3.8.1']
> A problem occurred configuring project ':build-logic-settings:allprojects-plugin'.
   > Could not resolve all files for configuration ':build-logic-settings:allprojects-plugin:classpath'.
      > Could not resolve org.gradle.kotlin:gradle-kotlin-dsl-plugins:2.1.7.
        Required by:
            project :build-logic-settings:allprojects-plugin > org.gradle.kotlin.kotlin-dsl:org.gradle.kotlin.kotlin-dsl.gradle.plugin:2.1.7
         > Could not resolve org.gradle.kotlin:gradle-kotlin-dsl-plugins:2.1.7.
            > Could not get resource ''.
               > Could not GET ''.
                  > The server may not support the client's requested TLS protocol versions: (TLSv1.2, TLSv1.3). You may need to configure the client to allow other protocols to be used. Se
                     > PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

* Try:

I really don’t understand why \What needs to be downloaded for gradle.bat clean

I can hardly guess that.
It is defined in your build that you need that file.
Why it cannot download as I said is most probably an infrastructure problem.
If you can download it from Browser, but not from Gradle, my best guess is, that you need some proxy that is configured in your browser, but not for Gradle: Build Environment

Hello, how can I modify this?

Also hard to guess without more information. There is “some” problem during HTTPS connection.
To diagnose this, you could e.g. set the system property to all to get the debug logging for the HTTPS connection and then need to analyse the output.

After configuring httpsproxy, it was finally compiled successfully, but why didn’t you see the results? (My ultimate goal is to obtain the installation package for Gradle and compile it from Gradle 7.4.1 source code./Gradle clean assembly)

Oh, sorry.
By now I forgot that we are talking about building Gradle itself.
So I could look into why the file is downloaded, but so can you.
The fact that the build script defines that it needs it somewhere is unchanged. :slight_smile:

If your last point meant why you don’t see the installation package, then it is because you didn’t use the right tasks. Have a look at in the sources.

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I was misled by some outdated information, thanks you very mach