Error in section 18.2 of Gradle 2.5 user guide

18.2 suggests using the following command to enable the Gradle daemon on Windows:

(if not exist "%HOMEPATH%/.gradle" mkdir "%HOMEPATH%/.gradle") && (echo foo >> "%HOMEPATH%/.gradle/")

The command should be:

 (if not exist "%HOMEPATH%/.gradle" mkdir "%HOMEPATH%/.gradle") && (echo org.gradle.daemon=true >> "%HOMEPATH%/.gradle/")

This will be fixed in Gradle 2.6.

The fix in Gradle 2.6 has a typo. It should read:

(if not exist “%HOMEPATH%/.gradle” mkdir “%HOMEPATH%/.gradle”) && (echo org.gradle.daemon=true >> “%HOMEPATH%/.gradle/”)

(Omit the quotes around the echo text.)


thanks for reporting. I spin up my windows box and have a look.

fixed for 2.7:

Thanks for the fast response! If all open source projects were this responsive a lot more people would feel like contributing bug reports.