enableAssertions=false does not work

I want to disable assertions for java tests. For this i used the following build.gradle snippet:

test {
   enableAssertions = false
   ignoreFailures = true



statement works fine, but the


statement not. Assertions are always enabled.

Versions: ------------------------------------------------------------ Gradle 1.0-rc-2 ------------------------------------------------------------

Gradle build time: Tuesday, April 24, 2012 11:52:37 PM UTC Groovy: 1.8.6 Ant: Apache Ant™ version 1.8.2 compiled on December 20 2010 Ivy: 2.2.0 JVM: 1.6.0_31 (Sun Microsystems Inc. 20.6-b01) OS: Linux 3.1.6-gentoo-BR01 amd64

Works fine for me. Are you aware that this is about Java assertion statements, not about your usual test assertions?

Thanks for your quick reply.

Yes, the normal java assertion statements are still active.

Hard to imagine. Can you provide a self-contained build that allows to reproduce the problem?

I’ve just made a self-contained build and … it works fine. So I analyzed the tests and recognized that the problem was that some resource bundles where located in the src/main/java and not in src/main/test which resulted in the AssertionFailedError.

Since this worked in maven I did not look closely enough. shame Sorry and many thanks for your support