Embedding Gradle

As ANT, Gradle could be use NOT only for building but it could be use as JCL (job control language), also for business logic and so on.

I’m a member of open source solution which wants to manage batches execution.

I’d like to add GRADLE as JCL.

But I see I need a Gradle Daemon to embed Gradle in another tool. And that’s not really good.

Why not to leave Embedding API (as ANT does) without using daemon?

What is your specific concern with a running Gradle daemon process started by an invocation of the tooling API?

I don’t think is a good idea to froce to use a daemon to execute a job. For sure, could be helpful if you want but it should be mandatory.

Example: I have a daemon which must execute a Gradle job. Why should this deaemon connect another daemon (that I have to manage) if I can execute it locally?

For my use case, I decided to use GradleMain in a new process so I’ve solved the problem! :slight_smile: