Eclipse tooling: local maven and gradle projects

Hi, I want to gradually migrate a multi-module maven build to a multi-module gradle build.

I’m currently using the maven tooling in eclipse (m2e) and one feature I like is that if projectA depends on projectB and both projects are in my eclipse workspace, m2e is smart enough to use the local .class files for projectB instead of using the .jar file from my maven repository.

If I migrate projectA from maven to gradle but leave projectB as a maven project, is the eclipse gradle tooling ‘smart’ enough to provide the same functionality? Will the gradle tooling see that projectB is in my workspace and use projectB’s .class files from my eclipse workspace when running projectA? Or will the gradle tooling use projectB’s .jar file from my maven repository?

Will this functionality also work the other way around (ie maven project depends on gradle project)?

Let’s assume that both projects have a “-SNAPSHOT” version

Thanks, Lance.

I saw there is an open issue STS-2834 on the STS Gradle side that depends on GRADLE-2750, so I think this is not working so far.

Thanks for the issue references, it seems that the current state is as follows:

Local resolution works for gradle project depending on maven project (fixed in version 3.1.0.M1) Local resolution fails for maven project depending on gradle project Local resolution fails for gradle project depending on gradle project

A few links for those interested STS-2834 STS-2405 STS-2836