Eclipse classpath still include the jar files that are excluded in the build.gradle file

(Hemanth) #1


I’m trying to exclude few jars from the .classpath file which is generated by the gradle eclipse plugin. Though i do the following stuff in my build.gradle to exclude these jars, the classpath still contains these jar files.

configurations {

dependencies {
    eclipseExcludedDeps group: "javax", name:"javaee-api", version: "${versions.javaee_api}"
    eclipseExcludedDeps group: "javax.xml.parsers", name:"jaxp-api", version: "${versions.jaxp_api}"
    eclipseExcludedDeps group: "xerces", name:"xmlParserAPIs", version: "${versions.xmlParserAPIs}"

eclipse {
    wtp {
        component {
            minusConfigurations << configurations.eclipseExcludedDeps

I have tried all the approaches mentioned in the gradle docs but none of the them works for me. Can someone please help me on this.


(Hemanth) #2

More info on this, i’m using gradle version 2.7. To create the classpath i run ‘gradle eclipse’ command.