Eclipse classpath - project root as srcDir

defining a srcDir “.” results in an eclipse .classpath entry with path="." which eclipse does not like. looks like eclipse wants “” as path if the project root is defined as a src dir.

any way to solve this without manually modifying the generated classpath entry (whenMerged/withXml)? i would like to use the eclipse “refresh dependencies” feature which does currently not respect manual classpath modifications. (please do not ask about the project layout - i know this is terrible…)

Have you tried ‘srcDir projectDir’? If that doesn’t help, I can’t think of a solution other than modifying the generated classpath entry.

also generates path="."… for the time being, i will be modifying the entries manually. anyway i think gradle should perhaps generate a eclipse classpath entry with path="" when it has a srcDir “.” - thanks, zyro

Raised GRADLE-3096. If you are interested in contributing a fix, let us know.

surething. planning to add sth like

sourceFolders.find { it.path == "." }.path = ""

to - just making sure im heading in the right direction?

Sounds good. The goal would be to have a functional test that proves it right.

Please also read


oh thanks for that pointer. not planning to sign sucha contrib agreement atm. will comment the planned approach on jira for further reference.