Eclipse BuildShip and gradle c++ native binary projects

Hello Everybody,
I am trying to adopt gradle as build automation tool for our repository. It is a c++ multiproject, multiplatform repository including external libraries like boost, static and shared library and applications.
Gradle seems to satisfy all our requirements except for IDE support. Currently we are developing on linux machines using Eclipse-cdt.
Reading throughout this forum I see that eclipse-cdt plugin is outdated, and in fact if I try to use gradle plugin “eclipse-cdt” I get strange errors like
> Failed to apply plugin [id ‘org.gradle.eclipse-cdt’]
> Could not find property ‘componentSpecs’ on root project ‘tutorial’.

I had a try using eclipse-buildship plugin, and things works correctly, except for the code completion feature of eclipse, which would be very important for us.
My question is: have you got any advice to add code completion support with the current version of buildship? If not, have you planned to add it in future releases?

I have been struggling for a lot trying to find a build tool so versatile to support build automation for continuous integration, integration with eclipse-cdt IDE, and such flexible to create custom tasks for different purposes.
Thanks a lot.

Hi Guilio

Buildship is currently targeted towards Java projects. Code completion for Gradle build scripts is planned to be added to Buildship, but has not been scheduled, yet.


Thanks Etienne,
I am sorry, I did not mean code completion for gradle build scripts, but code completion for c++ code. Anyway you implicitly answered by saying that buildscripts is targeted for java projects, not for c++.
Thanks a lot.