Ear Plugin's ear task generating ear file with compiled classes (output of sourcesSets.main.output). Should only include jar/war/rar files

why Ear task include compiled classes? ear should include only war and jar files and additional jars in lib folder. How to prevent classes and resources being copied to ear root ?

This is a great question that was just asked by my colleague, I would love to hear one of the gradle guys thoughts.

Hello Keith, Vijay,

I think this is really a bug in the Ear Plugin. I’ve raised GRADLE-3012 for this. We’re currently in the process of getting gradle 1.11 out of the door. Would one of you be interested in supporting us here and help us to fix this (maybe for 1.12)? The culprit code is this: https://github.com/gradle/gradle/blob/master/subprojects/ear/src/main/groovy/org/gradle/plugins/ear/EarPlugin.java#L96

cheers, René

Rene, Thanks for the invite! I will take a stab. I might have to take a look at how to get things setup initially, and that might be my biggest hurdle, but it would be nice to contribute. If you have any quick pointers, please let me know.

Also, thank you for your quick reply.

The readme of in the gradle repository has some pointers for getting started with contributing to gradle: https://github.com/gradle/gradle#contributing

I recommend to use intellij idea 12 for working on the gradle codebase. This is the IDE most gradle core developer use at the moment. The community edition of intellij is enough for this and free for private use. If you have any further questions about contributing.

cheers, René

Rene, Is there any issues with using Intellij Idea 13?