Dynamic tasks based on external configuration file

(Alexey Trenikhin) #1

We have configuration in xml which describes set of applications and database need to be deployed. Based on the file, I can create task necessary to perform. I want to encapsulate this logic in custom plugin. What is unclear, how can I provide path to this xml file to plugin? If I use extension (ext.xml=’…’), it should be done before plugin is applied, right? So if someone move ext.xml=’ ’ assignment after apply plgin in build script, it will not work. Are any alternatives how to hook after all plugins are applied but before execution phase is started

(Peter Niederwieser) #2

It’s a common question, and answers can be found by searching this forum. A simple (but limited) solution is to use a ‘project.afterEvaluate’ hook.

(Alexey Trenikhin) #3

Thank you!