Dynamic dependency

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I would like to change the type of compile dependency based on the property passed during build.

dependencies {
def createServiceDependency(){
 if ( inputProperty.equals("true") )

Based on the input property passed ( inputProperty ) , I want to decide whether it should be simple dependency or a compile project dependency . The if loop works. But the else fails. How can we dynamically add a compile project dependency ?

Also another question : not related to this issue - If the input property is not passed , then the build throws error . Is there any graceful way of handling the case when input is not passed and I don’t get a property not found error.

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Please ignore the above question.

If anybody has similar requirement ( i.e you don;t want to compile the dependent project since there is no change in the dependent project or it is already compiled ) , then you can use the --no-rebuild option.